Alerts and Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

As a Great Southern customer, you have multiple ways to receive alerts and notifications to keep track of your account activity. For many alerts, you can choose which you want to receive and how. Other notifications may be sent automatically, depending on your account type. If you have questions or would like assistance with setting your alert options, visit any Banking Center or call Customer Service at 800-749-7113.

Online Banking

You can receive alerts either by email or in the Online Banking portal when you log in. Types of alerts include notification of electronic transfers, balance amounts, Bill Pay activity and personal reminders. To choose the alerts and method you prefer, log into Online Banking, click the Options tab, then the Alerts tab. Additionally, you can use the Mail Message Center in Online Banking to contact us in a safe and easy way for account help.

Mobile Banking

You can set up alerts to be delivered by text, email, or push notification from the Mobile App. Simply log into the app, open the hamburger menu, tap your name at the bottom and select Settings, then choose either Notifications or User Alerts. Our Mobile App also allows you to send and receive chat messages with our Mobile Banking team.

Fraud Watch

Fraud Watch automatically alerts customers to potentially fraudulent activity on their Great Southern Debit Card through text messages or phone calls. Potentially fraudulent activity is determined by the type, amount and location of the transaction. Fraud Watch text messages will originate from either 37268 or 20733. Automated Fraud Watch phone calls will originate from 833-763-2031.


Sign up for eDocuments and you can download your bank statements via Online Banking and the Mobile App. Learn how to enroll on our eDocuments page.


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Email Receipts

If you'd like to receive ATM, ITM and other account receipts by email, just ask one of our friendly tellers next time you are in a banking center. They will be happy to get you enrolled whenever you are ready.

Customer Service Verification

When calling our Customer Service, please be aware you may be asked to verify identity using a text code.

Tips for Boosting your Online Security

There are many ways you can to help protect yourself and your data online. Learn how to identify red flags and avoid
common scams, reduce the chance for identity theft (identity theft page) and improve online security for your
business (online security page).