Credit Cards

You've Earned It

...And You Can Keep Earning It

It’s easy to feel just a little bit special when you use a Great Southern Bank Visa to make everyday purchases. Each purchase earns rewards, The more you use your card, the faster you collect rewards. Plus, since it’s Visa, you can just imagine Morgan Freeman narrating every single transaction. That makes everything more epic.

Great Southern Visa Platinum Rewards

  • > Earn rewards for every dollar you spend
  • > Earn 3x points: grocery stores / discount stores / gas stations / restaurants / fast food
  • > Earn 1x poins: everything else
  • > Get your rewards via account credit, gift cards, entertainment, travel and more
  • > Protect yourself from fraud, thanks to Visa’s Zero Liability Policy
  • > Auto rental coverage, emergency cash, travel emergency assistance, and more

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