Money-Saving Ninja Youth Account

Our youth savings account teaches the skills to make smart money decisions. 

Become a Money-Saving Ninja!

  • First Things First Ninja kids need a safe place to keep their money, so ask an adult to help you open a Great Southern Bank savings account. Don't worry, young warrior, we'll keep it safe!
  • Set a Goal Ninjas COUNT and SAVE their money! Be sure to keep track of what you spend and what you save by using our Money-Saving Ninja Charts!
  • Earn Your T-Shirt - Ask your banker how to earn your FREE Money-Saving Ninja T-Shirt!
  • Sharpen Your Skills - Money-Saving Ninjas continue practicing their skills to get better at smart saving; once you open your savings account, keep adding to it!

How will you choose to handle your money? 

When you earn money or receive money as a gift, you have LOTS of choices.

  • Spend it at the movies with friends? 
  • Give it as a gift to help others? 
  • Save it for something big, like a bike? 

Money-Saving Ninjas think carefully about how they save and spend their money. Ask your parents to help you learn how to sharpen your skills as a Money-Saving Ninja by learning more ways to make smart money choices by visiting the fun money-saving websites listed to the right!

Parents Only!

Thanks for helping your children build their financial literacy skills!

"Save Money, Be a Ninja" is Great Southern Bank's financial education program just for children. We encourage them to have fun while learning financial concepts and what it takes to be a "Money-Saving Ninja". Opening a savings account and making deposits themselves gives kids a hands-on educational experience. 

Great Southern Bank offers minor accounts specifically for children ages 17 and younger. A legal parent or guardian must be an authorized signer on the minor account. Be sure to bring one form of identification for yourself, one form of identification for your child, and your child's Social Security number when you visit the bank to open the account.

A simple errand like visiting the bank seems routine to adults, but can be a memorable experience for children. We encourage you to bring your ninja into a Great Southern Bank location and get them involved in good banking practices early in life.

Here are some other resources to help guide your ninjas-in-training:

The Road to Financial Responsibility
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