Positive Pay Guide

Positive Pay

Secure and balance your accounts with ACH and check verification. 

Complete Positive Pay Video Guide

This video will provide a full walk-through of the different services available on our Positive Pay system. Services included for this training video are Check and ACH Positive Pay, Account Reconciliation and BAI2 & Custom Extracts. Service specific videos are also available below.

Specific Services

ACH Positive Pay

A few of the things you’ll see in this training video include how to view and decision your ACH exception items, along with instructions for adding an ACH Authorization rule to whitelist your pre-approved ACH transactions.

Positive Pay Administration

This training video will assist the Positive Pay Administrator with managing their user access and permissions within the Positive Pay system.

Check Positive Pay

In this training video you’ll see how to Submit an Issued Check file, view and decision your check exception items, and search/edit existing outstanding items, plus so much more.

Reconciliation, BAI2
& Custom Extract Services

This training video combines instructions for reconciling not only your check items but all account activity, along with reporting functionality available with our BAI2 & Custom Extracts service.