Bill Pay FAQ

What is Bill Pay? 

Bill Pay is an online bill payment system that allows you to send an electronic or check remittance to a business or person within the United States. 

How much does Bill Pay cost? 

The optional Bill Pay Service is FREE to customers who are signed up for free E-statements with Online Banking services. Otherwise, the fee is $4.00 per month for up to 10 payments; any additional payments are $.40 each.

How do I add the optional Bill Pay if I did not select it when I applied for Online Banking? 

Log in to Online Banking and click on “Mail Message Center” and send an enrollment request to enroll.

How far in advance should I set up a payment to ensure it is paid on time?

Check payments should be scheduled at least 10 business days in advance of when you want the payment to actually be posted at the payee.

Electronic payments should be made 3 business days in advance of when you want the payment to be posted at the payee.

NOTE - You may want to set up a payment to yourself so you can see how the system works.

How do I know if a payee is electronic or check?

When you are setting up a new payee, you must enter the payee name. This will automatically search to see if the payee accepts electronic payments. If not, it will automatically produce a check. Once you have set up the payee, you can look at the VIEW PAYEES screen, and you will see a field that will tell you if the payee accepts electronic or check payments.

What if I do not have enough money in my account for the payments I have scheduled?

For an electronic payment, the system will continue to attempt payment until funds are available and the account will be debited immediately. For checks, the system will also continue to attempt payment until funds are available, but the account will not be debited until the check is presented. 

Whom can I pay with Bill Payment? 

You can pay any individual or business in the United States. 

How many payees may I set up? 

There is no limit to the number of payees you can have. 

Can I edit payee addresses? 

No. You will have to set up a new payee with the correct address and delete the old one. But, deleting the old payee will remove the history of that payee. You can keep the old payee listed to retain your history of that payee. 

Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day?

You can make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different. For your protection, the system will not pay duplicate items on the same day.

Are there minimum and maximum payment amounts?

Yes, the minimum amount you may make a payment for is $0.01. The maximum amount is $9,999.99.

How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment?

You may enter, edit, or delete payments scheduled Monday through Saturday up until 10:00 p.m. (CST) the day before the scheduled payment date.

How do I cancel a bill payment? 

To cancel a bill payment you have scheduled, you must cancel the payment online before 10:00 p.m. (CST) on the business date prior to the date the payment is scheduled to be debited from your account. 

What happens if I have a scheduled payment that falls over a weekend or holiday?

Scheduled payments that fall over a weekend will be processed on Friday evening. Any new payments that are scheduled over the weekend, for the current weekend, will be processed on Sunday night. Holiday processing is done the following day after the holiday.

Can I place stop payments for electronic bill payments or can I delete the electronic item once it has been submitted? 

No, once the electronic item is submitted, it will be processed. We cannot place a stop payment on electronic payments after the item has been processed. 

When will the money be taken out of my account?

If the payee is paid electronically, the funds come out of your account the day your payment is made. If the payee is paid by check, the funds will come from your account the day the check clears.

Will the memo field I fill out when setting up a payment be passed on to the payee?

Yes, your memo will appear on paper check bill payments. The memo field is 40 characters long. Any amount over 40 characters will be cut off.