Text Banking and Alerts

Text Banking and Alerts

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You’re probably sending multiple messages every day anyway; why not keep up-to-date with your Great Southern account in real time? Using Text Banking, you can check your account balance, transfer funds, and see your transaction history1. You don’t even need to sign in! Bonus: setting the alerts you wish to receive is a great way to help detect and prevent fraud. 

How do I get started?

Personal accounts only; Text Banking is not available for business accounts at this time.

  1. If you haven’t already, enroll in Online Banking .
  2. Download the most recent Great Southern Mobile Banking App2 to your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Log in to the App with your Great Southern Online Banking ID and password.
  4. Tap “Text Banking” under the “Messaging” menu.
  5. Enter your personal information to enroll in text banking.
  6. You will receive a Text Message saying that you have been enrolled shortly afterwards.
  7. Once you receive the message you are ready to begin using Great Southern Text Banking. You can now set up alerts and enable two-way text banking back in the App.

What can Text Banking do?

Two-Way Banking

Text Banking allows you to have on-demand access to your balance, transfers, and account history without the use of a user ID or password. By using simple text commands, you can perform several functions while on the go. Send your command to 63680 to perform the tasks. 

*Balance Inquiries may not be available between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. due to overnight processing.


Text banking gives you greater control of your account through the use of Alerts, which are scheduled based on specific criteria you provide. Some examples of how this can be used are below.

Examples of Alerts:

  • Daily Balance Alerts – “I’d like to receive my available balance every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 am.” 
  • Monthly Balance Alerts – “I’d like to know my available balance at 5 PM on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of every month.” 
  • Balance Threshold Alerts – “I’d like to know when my available balance is below $100 or when it is above $1,000” or “I’d like to know when my available balance is below $50.” 
  • Fee Alerts – “I’d like to know when account XXXX is assessed a bank fee.” 
  • Transaction Alerts – There are a lot of transaction types. Some examples might be receiving an alert for any transaction over $200, for Debit Card Transactions over $50, or for any ACH or Wire transaction over $1.00. That’s pretty cool. 

Please remember...

  • Send all your Text Banking commands to 63680. If you’re not sure what command to use, text HELP to 63680.
  • To un-enroll or suspend your Text Banking, please call Customer Service at 800-749-7113.
  • Text Banking is not currently available for business accounts.

1. Eligibility requirements and restrictions may apply. Refer to the Consumer Online Banking Agreement for more information.

2. Web access is needed to use the Great Southern Mobile Banking App. Message and Data rates may apply, check with your wireless carrier for details. Mobile Banking is available to existing Online Banking users only. All terms applicable to Online Banking apply to mobile banking.