Quick Balance

Quick Balance

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Need to get your eyes on your account balance for a super-quick update? The Quick Balance feature in the Mobile App lets you do exactly that without having to login to your account. Don’t get us wrong: logging-in definitely has its place…but that would be more in the “Normal, Easy-Paced, Sip-Some-Lemonade Balance” category.

Here's how to sign up.

  1. If you haven’t already, enroll in Online Banking.
  2. Log in to the Great Southern Mobile Banking App* (view more app features)
  3. Go to App Settings
  4. Check the box for “Quick Balance”
  5. Log out of the app
  6. Every login after that, simply tap the this is a carat on the login screen to see your available balances

That was quick! Please remember...

  • Enabling Quick Balance will allow you to see your account balances for checking, savings, and money market accounts without logging in.
  • When Quick Balance is activated, anyone who has access to your mobile device can view the balances displayed. This feature is not recommended for shared mobile devices.
  • You will not be able to make a transfer or access specific transaction information through this feature.To perform transfers or access specific transaction information, you must log in.
  • You may disable Quick Balance at any time through the mobile app.

*Web access is needed to use the Great Southern Mobile Banking App. Message and Data rates may apply, check with your wireless carrier for details. Mobile Banking is available to existing Online Banking users only. All terms applicable to Online Banking apply to mobile banking.