Debit On/Off

Debit On/Off

Debit Card Security In Your Hands

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Take control of your Great Southern Bank debit cards from your mobile device with Debit On/Off. It works like a remote control for your debit card, granting you the power to turn it on and off from your smartphone. Just download the Great Southern Mobile Banking App, enroll your card, and feel the righteous surge of power that comes with being a master of debit card security.

Here's how it works:

Personal accounts only; Debit On/Off is not available for business accounts at this time.

You only need three things to start using Debit On/Off: a Great Southern Bank debit card, an iPhone or Android smartphone, and the Great Southern Mobile Banking App* (it's a freebie). Once you have these three things, you can get started.

Open the Great Southern Mobile App

You don't need to be an Online Banking customer to use Debit On/Off (but if you want to be, you can enroll in Online Banking anytime). At the login menu, tap the "Cards" button on the menu at the bottom of your screen.

Enroll your account

Now you'll be asked to enroll your account in Debit On/Off. You will need your full card number, the card's expiration date, and the last four digits of your Social Security number to enroll. The app does not store this information, it just needs it to find your information and get you signed up. 

Create A Passcode

The last step of enrollment is creating a unique four-digit passcode that you will use to log in to Debit On/Off from now on. After you create your code, you will see a list of all of your cards in an unlocked status, which means that nothing has changed yet. Your cards will work like they normally do until you lock them.

Tap a card to lock it

You will now see each of your Great Southern Bank debit cards listed by the last four digits of the card number. Tap the card once to see the following options:

Lock Indefinitely
Allow 1 transaction within 10 minutes
Allow 3 transactions within 30 minutes
Allow 5 transactions within 60 minutes
Unlock Indefinitely

That's all there is to it. The security of your debit card is now in your hands. Literally.

*Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your communications service provider for access rates, texting charges, and other applicable fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Debit On/Off for your Great Southern Bank debit card gives you control over your cards with the touch of button. You can help reduce fraudulent transactions and card compromise by locking your debit card until you are ready to use it. By creating a unique connection between your mobile device and your card, and giving you control, Debit On/Off is your key to added security and peace of mind.

Download the Great Southern Mobile Banking App for iPhone or Android, click “Secure” on the login page, then provide us with the details of your active debit card once to create a unique four-digit passcode to log in from your mobile device.

Upon enrollment, your cards will remain unlocked until you lock them within Debit On/Off.

This means your card is inactive. One-time debit transactions will be declined, but recurring* debit card transactions will be processed**.

*Locked cards will accept payments only if flagged by a merchant as recurring. In some cases, the first in a series of recurring payments may fail because it is seen as a one-time payment. The card will need to be unlocked to perform the transaction. 

**Some local business, such as utilities companies and health clubs, may not currently send recurrence information with automated debits. Debit On/Off users are reminded to check their accounts frequently to ensure all bills are paid on time and, if not, to make different arrangements to pay those merchants.

The card is active for one-time and recurring debit transactions for as long or as many uses as you choose.

Currently you have the option to lock your card indefinitely, unlock it indefinitely, or unlock it for one use or 15 minutes (whichever comes first), three uses or 30 minutes or 5 uses or 60 minutes. Upon reaching your usage/time limit, the card will automatically lock again.

Customers do not need an active Online Banking ID to access Debit On/Off. The login to Debit On/Off is a separate process from logging into Online Banking; although both are done within the Mobile Banking App.

After enrollment, all debit cards in your name and linked to your personal accounts, will be automatically added to Debit On/Off. You’re unable to enroll debit cards in another person’s name. Your cards will remain in an “unlocked” status until you choose to lock them..

If you find your card locked and you’re having trouble unlocking it, please call Debit Card Services at (855) 853-9400 or (417) 895-4151, Monday-Friday, 6:30 am-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday, 8 am -9 pm CST.