Debit Card Compromise

Potential Wendy's Data Breach

April 11, 2016

US-based restaurant chain Wendy’s recently reported that it may have experienced a data breach affecting customers nationwide. Some Great Southern Bank customers were identified as having used their debit cards at a Wendy’s restaurant during the suspected time frame of the breach, and we have identified fraud on cards that have been utilized at Wendy’s locations in certain market areas during this time frame.

What is Great Southern doing to help protect my accounts?

As a precautionary measure and to help protect customer accounts, Great Southern Bank has closed all debit cards used at Wendy’s during the time frame of the suspected breach located in areas where fraud has already occurred.

We have identified additional customers throughout our franchise who have used their card at a Wendy’s restaurant within the time frame of the suspected breach. We will monitor these accounts as usual and take appropriate steps if fraudulent activity is identified.

What will happen to my debit card?

Debit cards will be deactivated immediately for customers who are in the affected areas and used their debit card at Wendy’s in the time frame of the suspected breach.

To receive a new card, customers may visit the Great Southern Bank location nearest them. A new card will be printed for them and ready for use upon leaving the bank.

We’ll continue to monitor all accounts that had a debit card transaction at a Wendy’s store during the time frame of the suspected breach. Should we see fraud begin to occur in these areas, we’ll take appropriate action to protect these customers.

How is Great Southern Bank notifying their customers if they are affected?

Customers who are potentially affected by the breach will receive an email, if we have a correct address on file, and a letter notifying them of the incident.

What should customers do if they have questions?

Customers with questions can call their local banking center or our Customer Service Department at 800-749-7113.