VIP Services

Vision. Integrity. Partnership.

“Normal business hours” don’t really apply to you.

When your profession demands a nontraditional, dynamic, fluid schedule, slipping out for a few minutes to run by the bank isn’t always an option. Think ‘liaison’ or ‘concierge’ for your banking. Think ‘expert personal attention within the full spectrum of Great Southern services.’

We’ll handle everything on your behalf.

Are You Ready?

VIP Banking clients are busy people with varied responsibilities. If you desire personalized attention, superior service, and a comprehensive range of financial solutions, let us customize a banking relationship that will save you time and meet your goals.

Why We Offer It

Simply, we believe in building strong relationships by providing personal attention, superior service and a comprehensive range of financial solutions to clients who have diverse financial needs and multiple demands on their time.

VIP Banking meets the needs of a select group of clients who require exclusive benefits, unequaled personal attention, and the knowledge and authority to act quickly on their behalf.

Who We Serve

Our team is designed to serve professionals with dynamic schedules that limit their opportunity to conduct personal business during the course of a traditional workday.

VIP Banking is an excellent solution for individuals who require an experienced, knowledgeable financial liaison who consistently delivers extraordinary expertise and customized product solutions.

How it Benefits Our Clients

Our VIP Banking team delivers the entire spectrum of Great Southern services directly to you.

We understand that going to the bank may not be feasible for you, so we offer concierge service where and when you need it.

VIP Banking clients benefit from the dedication, insight and personalized focus of our VIP team.