Small Business Loans

Full Strength Banking. Full Service Convenience.

Loans and lines of credit are offered to small and medium business clients through our Business Banking division. Our Business Bankers are specialists who are trained to assist the business owner with deposit products and services as well as loans. Business Banking is truly a one-stop shop. For the loan products shown below, we offer expedited decisions and closing.

Need a loan that exceeds the limits of the products listed below? Head on over to our Commercial Loans page.

Vehicle Financing

  • Vehicle Financing
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Individual or Small Fleet

Equipment Financing

A job well-done often depends on having the right tools and equipment; not to mention keeping your business current and competitive. Great Southern Equipment Loans can help outfit your business, often within 24 hours. 

From construction, agricultural and manufacturing to office, technology and health care, we’ll make sure you have the right tools at the right time.

  • Loans up to $750,000
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Terms up to 7 years

Revolving Lines of Credit

Every day is different. There’s no amazing sort of calendar that informs you how your business might change tomorrow. Things change at a moments’ notice…sometimes sooner.

A Great Southern business line of credit can help meet a variety of needs for your business, including purchasing discounted inventory, covering temporary expenses, or even helping with seasonal/cyclical cash flow timing.

We realize borrowing needs as well as opportunities can arise at any time in today’s volatile business environment. Our business lines of credit are designed with just that in mind. For smaller needs (up to $100,000) our Business Banking Line offers a competitive rate and easy access to funds. 

  • Lines up to $100,000
  • Requires Great Southern business deposit account with online banking
  • Unsecured lines available up to $10,000 if qualified

Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate

See an opportunity to start a new venture or expand your existing business? Great Southern can finance commercial properties, or even refinance your existing real estate.

  • Loans up to $2,000,000
  • Up to 80% loan-to-value

1-4 Family Investment Property

Are you interested in investing in rental properties and taking advantage of our low interest rates? We offer financing for residential investment properties for 1-4 unit dwellings.

  • 1 point plus out-of-pocket costs paid by borrower 
  • First lien position required
  • LTV not to exceed 80% 
  • Refinancing Available

SBA Loans

Small business is the backbone of our economy. 

Great Southern is proud to partner with the Small Business Administration (SBA). This relationship allows us to help new ideas get off the ground, purchasing equipment and financing inventory. SBA loans can also be used to expand or purchase existing businesses.

We’re building a legacy of American dreams. Let’s talk about yours.

United States Small Business Administration